The goal of the Conflict of Interest Office is to promote the UAMS mission and assure academic and professional integrity. UAMS is committed to following and enforcing its conflict of interest policies. We help all faculty and staff members avoid potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

For more information please refer to the Conflict of Interest policies in this site.

Conflicts of interest are private interests that could inappropriately influence or reasonably appear to inappropriately influence an employee’s professional responsibilities to UAMS and can arise under many situations, including business relationships, purchasing decisions, gifts, use and appropriation of University and Medical Center assets, research activities, activities related to students, faculty, staff and activities related to family members.

In order to identify and review conflicts of interest and the appearance thereof, all UAMS staff members (excluding PRN, Temporary and Classified employees) are expected to disclose all outside activities and financial interests that might be, or have the appearance of being, conflicts of interest or commitment. All members are required to submit a Disclosure Form within two weeks of initial employment and annually thereafter. Updated forms must also be submitted within thirty days of a change in circumstances that may give rise to a potential conflict of interest.